Enjoy the Holidays At Madam Bonnies


The Holidays are upon us and we’ve prepared live music, great food, and delicious holiday drinks just for you.

Enjoy the intimacy of the season at Madam Bonnie’s, where the music will inspire you to dance with a lover and the food will make you want to make love. Madam Bonnie’s historic brick walls are stationed far enough away from Fifth Avenue to maintain a smooth and sultry atmosphere, but close enough to ensure your night is brimming with endless possibilities. 

For the holidays, Head Chef Cristovan has prepared an assortment of seasonal dishes that fill the air with a spirit of winter mischief. Madam Bonnie’s kitchen serves some of the best prime rib in San Diego; soaked in a strong yet simple marinade of coffee grounds and assorted herbs, the rich and subtle flavors that melt into your taste buds like butter will scream “holiday feast!” 

To accompany the colder climate, Christivon masterminded his newest creation of baked brie adorned with fresh berry coulis, surrounded by a brimming flower of freshly toasted french baguette. This appetizer has all the notes of grandmother’s cranberry dishes and the warmth of chestnuts on an open fire. 

One of the most adored vegan options on the menu is the Acorn Squash stuffed with garden veggies and sweet potato purée, topped with toasted pepitas – a plate that will keep you coming back for more. 

Madam Bonnie’s craft cocktails favor the flavors of the prohibition era’s secretive sanctuary. Sipping down The Kisser is like a breath of fresh air, gin and grapefruit washing away the day’s worries. To accompany dinner, over 40 craft and draft beers are available along with a fine collection of wine and spirits. 

For those who search for authentic culture, history, and heritage, the building itself has no shortage of homages to the past. The basement was once one of the most mysterious and less-reputable speakeasies in the city. Ladies of the night were alerted to the presence of the police by a silent alarm on the building’s 13th step. 

The rich history still permeates the air of what is now Downtown’s largest continuous bar and restaurant. If you’re searching for a gifted culinary and craft cocktail experience in a setting that instills reverie, Madam Bonnie’s awaits you in the night.