Nothing speaks to the romance of the night like the live jazz of Madam Bonnie’s

Once a respected and notorious hotel at the center of the Gaslamp’s social scene, Madam Bonnie’s cocktail lounge is now the largest continuous bar and restaurant in Downtown. The venue pays homage to Miss Bonnie White’s pioneering female entrepreneurial spirit through keen 1920’s style, homage cocktails, and unforgettably fine food. Madam Bonnie herself once ruled the night with a signature spark for divertissements at dusk, now reflected through unique mysterious ambiance and weekends electrified with live jazz. 

Madam Bonnie’s craft cocktails favor the flavors of a prohibition-era secret sanctuary. Sipping down The Kisser is like a breath of fresh air, gin and grapefruit washing away the day’s worries. Over 40 craft and draft beers and an expansive collection of wine and spirits are also available to accompany dinner. 

jazz sheet music

Enjoy the intimacy of the night at Madam Bonnie’s, where the music will inspire you to dance with a lover and the food will make you want to make love. Madam Bonnie’s historic brick walls are stationed far enough away from Fifth Ave. to maintain a smooth and sultry atmosphere, but close enough to ensure your night is brimming with endless possibilities. 

For those who search for authentic culture, history, and heritage, the building itself has no shortage of homages to the past. The basement was once one of the most mysterious and less-reputable speakeasies in the city. The upper floors harbored ladies of the night and their mad lads, who were alerted to the presence of the police by a silent alarm on the building’s 13th step. 

A rich history still permeates the air of Downtown’s newest and most enigmatic cocktail lounge. If you’re searching for a culinary experience and themed craft cocktails in a setting that instills reverie, Madam Bonnie’s awaits you in the night.